Monday, March 30, 2009

Double fold card

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry that it has been so long since a post to the blog. Time had gotten a little away from me and before you know it weeks had past. But I think you will like this new double fold card. It's two cards in one. A small card on top and the regular size card on bottom. and the little scallop circle holds the card closed by tucking in the small card under it. Hard to explain but you can see what I mean from the photos. If you need better instructions just drop me an email and I will explain a little better. Thanks for stopping by I have a few more that I have to photograph. see you sooner


Lisa Hjulberg said...

What a neat trick, Tracy! I love it!

Your card is soooo cute. Love that owl.


Cheryl said...

Adorable the owl..who makes it?

Pia said...

Very cute card Tracy. It was good seeing you at Adventures in Stamping. Hope you enjoyed yourself and did not spend too much money.