Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lunch sack

I made another lunch sack variation with the grinch. I made a cute little poem and put green candycanes in the sack. (have to be green candycanes because of my poem) Love him.

Reindeer brew

This is a new take on the lunch sack. I put hot cocoa, candy canes, mini marshmellows, or hershey kisses in them. They are great gifts for your bank teller, postman, ups delivery people, neighbors, you name it. I need a lot of last minute gifts. I had to come up with something last minute for the coaches for my son. Perfect.
What do you think.
Thanks for stopping by. Love hearing from you.

cute little purses

I have made a bunch of these purses also but these believe it or not, took a lot less time. It is just an origami fold of a 6 x 6 piece of paper. Then I just embellish it. They are great for gift cards, chapstick, candies, you name it. If I can get organized I will post directions.


I have been really busy and it seems the holidays have snuck up on me before I have everything that I wanted to do done. I have made about 30 or more of these. They are just hershey nuggets wrapped in designer paper. and placed in a pretzle bag.
There are more pictures coming. Some things I made I forgot to take pictures of though. I'm in crunch time you know. lol