Friday, July 4, 2014

Christmas in July

Thought I would do a little of Christmas in July crafts.  The first picture is my Santa gift card/money holder.  Everyone always needs gift card holders so I like to make cute creative ones.  Then every family has someone who is a little bit like a Grinch, so we had to throw him in here.  I think they came out really cute.  Hope you think so also.  Thanks for stopping by.  I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  It is a process.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Let it go

I think I'm back. LOL

Sorry that I have been away from blogging for so long.  I was having so many problems with getting into my blog when blogger changed their format it did something to my password and wouldn't let me in.  I struggled for months, got frustrated and then stopped trying.  Then I forgot about it for awhile.  Well I hope I have learned a few things and this doesn't happen again.  So for now I am back until it decides to forget who I am again.  LOL  
Showing off my new paper piecing project.  Isn't she so cute.  I just love doing these. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

This is a sample to see if everything is fixed with my computer and the blog site.  Turns out my hard drive crashed, just before the blog got fixed,  but it looks like I am back in business so I will be able to start posting again.   Sorry so Sorry that I have been gone so long.   I really hate computers.  I am pretty sure they hate me also.  LOL

Monday, January 14, 2013

So sorry,  This is why I hate computer programs.  My blog is through and they went through some new updates to the site and have now made it even harder for me to post pictures.   I download my pictures to my computer from my camera and used to be able to browse the files and pick out what picture I wish to post.  Now with their new updates it is not compatable to my browser.  So I can't upload my pictures.  They said they are working on it but I am stuck not being able to post any pictures.  If I was more computer savy maybe I could find another way but you all know I am not.  Sorry,  I wish I could get some help somewhere.  Thanks so much for checking back with me.  I have so much to show.  Hopefully soon I will be able to show you.   Have a great day.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

coffee cups

I am on a roll with these coffee cups.  How about this santa one?  Toooooo Cute.  I wish they made hot chocolate packets in long skinny packages like they do coffee, that would be perfect.

Halloween goodies

More spider cider cups with left over last years papers.  Might as well use it up.  I figure kids would like to get the cider but the adults I can still put coffee in and a gift card to a coffee place.

Halloween goodies

Had to make some spider cider coffee cups and I found pouches of apple cider that I just fold in half and they do fit inside the cups.  Perfect!  I have been busy making Halloween treats, but in between I have been working on Christmas also.  My room looks like a bomb blew up in there.  Life of a crafter I guess.

Halloween goodies

I did it!  I finally figured out the witches boot.  Seen pictures but didn't know how to put it together.  Sat and played around with it, and it took all day but I did it.  They look cuter in person, they sparkle.  Hope everyone likes them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Christmas cards

I better start thinking about christmas cards.  So I was just playing around with this idea but I think I want to change the door a bit.  Not sure I am liking the paper I used.