Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here is a simple card that I had to make a few of for upcoming events. I seem to have run out of cards on hand for birthdays and such. I need a day where I am not creating new things and just do a bunch of cards to get caught up. Thanks for looking. Have a great day.

Hello everyone, So so so sorry that it has been so long between posts. It is not that I haven't been doing much because I have been doing a lot. Some of the projects I do for others I forget to take pictures of and post. DUH I just got done doing a bunch of party favors for my neighbors grad party this sunday.

Here is a card I whipped up after seeing something in a magazine. I thought how hard can that be. So what do ya think?

I will be posting a class that I will be doing but before I post I am showing it to my students this saturday first then I will post it.

It is a stationary organizer. Hope that peeks your interest.