Monday, September 21, 2009

The Tweet life

This is such a cute stamp. I stamped it twice to get a second bird to add to the little kitty. Just to cute. I just received my stampin up packet of stuff so soon I will be posting some great new ideas with the new stamps I got. Keep stopping by and visit my stampin up website at

Tea surprise card

This card I made for my Chemo Angel. It has a hidden surprise. The Moose is on a tag, you pull up on him and it slides out of a pocket. On the back of the moose I stapled a tea bag, and on the front of the tag is my little message. I thought she might like this.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New to the Stampin up team

I just joined the Stampin up team and have a new website too!!!! I can't wait to start showing some new stamped projects and doing some card workshops in my home and other peoples homes. I love teaching and this will allow me to do more of that. Check out the new website : You now can place orders on my website and they will get shipped directly to you. I will also be starting up some stamping clubs so everyone can benefit from some free products and discounts. I will talk more about that later. Right now I just wanted to give everyone a heads up because I was excited about it. Thanks for stopping by and keep checking in for the new projects you won't be disappointed. Happy Stamping.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caught a bug

This cute little slide box has kleenex in it for that special someone who is feeling a little under the weather. You could add cough drops or tea and soup packets. The options are unlimited.

More slides

Here is the pumpkin one. These are so easy to make once you get rolling on them the hard part is deciding how to decorate the front of the box.
I have knews for those of you who follow my blog. I just signed on with Stampin up. It's a rubberstamp and scrapbook company. Now I will be able to do some card workshops out of my house or at other peoples houses. I don't have my starter business kit yet but soon. I will keep you informed. Email me if you have any questions.

slide boxes

I finally took pictures of my projects before I gave them away. I have been going crazy with these cute slide boxes. They are like matchbook boxes but this one is bigger. So I can stick more things in it. It measures about 3 x 5 and 2 inches deep. Next I will show you the pumpkin box. Thanks for looking.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

My big problem isn't doing the cards and the projects, it's remembering to take pictures of them before giving them away or taking them to the store. I have got to remember to take pictures of my projects before they leave my house. Here is one of my favorite halloween stamps by whipper snapper. And I have a few more projects that I am working on with a halloween theme to them. I promise to take photos before I take them to the store. I promise to get better with up dating my blog. Thanks for checking back and taking a peek. Happy Stamping!!